As announced at our February 23rd Congregational Budget Review Meeting, there are several major capital projects and expenses that we are pulling out of the 2020 Budget and addressing with a formal capital campaign.  We are refreshing and updating the Blessed Building Fund by calling our 2020 campaign “Restore, Renew, Respond”. The amount of money associated with major projects & expenses for 2020 is estimated to be $83,500 as shown below.

The total amount of major projects that we will be facing in the future could be as high as $268,000 and this will be the goal we set for the 3-year capital campaign.  It is important to note that some of these projects such as the 30+ year old boilers, condensers and air handlers could fail early or they could last beyond 3 years.  It’s difficult to know the future however we need to plan and set aside real dollars to address these future major expenses.


In the meantime, we thought it would be helpful to provide a few details regarding this important campaign.


  • Repair & Replace Concrete Steps / Block | $40,000
  • Replace Rusty / Broken Hand Railings | $20,000
  • Update Fellowship Hall - New carpet, fresh coat of paint | $10,000
  • Re-Paint All Rooms (except Sanctuary) | $5,000
  • Re-Seal & Re-Stripe Parking Lot | $3,500
  • LED Lighting Project | $3,000
  • Repair Rotted Gutter Flashing | $2,000
  • TOTAL: $83,500


There are several other major capital expenses that will eventually impact our budget in future years as shown below. Therefore our “Restore, Renew, Respond” Campaign will run for 3 years from March 22nd, 2020 to March 22nd, 2023.     

  • Repair & Replace Rotting Facia Board | $30,000
  • Update Barry Jones Parlor (carpet/flooring, serving counter, kitchen | $20,000
  • Update Libby Ewing Parlor (carpet/flooring, tables/chairs, welcome center, coffee bar) | $6,000
  • Replace 6 Rotting Windows | $4,200
  • Install Storagee Cabinets in Fellowship Hall | $4,600
  • 2 Burnham Direct Vent Boilers | $20,000
  • 3 Air Handlers & Condesers (Sanctuary, FH, Basement) | $100,000
  • TOTAL: $184,000


  • CLICK HERE (HPC_2020_Pledge_Card.png) to download the 2020-2023 Blessed Building Restore-Renew-Respond Pledge Card
  • Please PRAY for HPC, our congregation and our leadership. 
  • Please PRAY for God’s wisdom and guidance with respect to how you and/or your family can support the Restore-Renew-Respond capital campaign over the coming years.
  • Please provide your financial commitment over the next 3 years.  Reminder that giving to this capital campaign is above your normal giving levels.
  • Select the option for payment that best fits your needs (one-time gift, lump sum annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly)
  • Sign and return the Pledge Card on Pledge Sunday (March 22nd, 2020) or mail to HPC or drop in the church office.
  • All pledges will be kept confidential by our financial secretary

We know that our church building plays a vital role for not only the ECC Christian Preschool but also our ability to meet as a church family and to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We also know that our own homes require continual maintenance and upkeep through the years and God’s house is no different.  We ask you to prayerfully consider your pledge to the Blessed Building Restore-Renew-Respond Campaign and to reach out to us with any questions.


 In His Name, Your HPC Capital Campaign Team


Mike Cook   |   Val Campbell   |   Bill Wooldredge   |   Becky Vocaire   |   Bill Homjak   |   Joe Buerlen