The Parents Summit is an all day event to equip and encourage parents as they seek to raise their kids in the Lord. It will be an all day simulcast event, hosted at Hudson Presbyterian Church. Please mark your calendars for February 23rd from 10AM - 5:30PM. Keep reading to find out more!


Speakers & Topics

  • Josh Straub

    "The Key to Reducing the Chaos, Simplifying Your Lives, and Leading Your Kids with Purpose"

    Josh Straub serves as the Marriage and Family Strategist for Lifeway Christian Resources. He is the co-founder and an co-leader of Famous At Home, an organization which provides coaching to families on emotional intelligence and family wellness. Josh is the creator of The Screen Balanced Family, an online video series that provides parents with strategies of staying relationally connected in a digital world. He is the author of several books, including Safe House: How Emotional Safety is the Key to Raising Kids Who Live, Love, and Lead Well. Josh and his wife Christi host a podcast called In This Together and are founders of an online parenting community called TwentyTwoSix Parenting. Josh is also a Fellow of the Towsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling. Josh and Christi are in the midst of parenting their two children, Landon and Kennedy.

  • Ruth Chou Simons

    "Gospel-Centered Motherhood and Preaching Truth to Your Heart"

    Ruth Chou Simons is the CEO, founder, and director of GraceLaced. She is the author of the book GraceLaced: Discovering Timeless Truths Through Seasons of the Heart, a seasonal devotional which invites the reader to draw close to God by resting, rehearsing, responding and remembering. Ruth is the author of the blog GraceLaced, where she has blogged about marriage, motherhood, recipes and more for over 10 years. She is also an artist, entrepreneur and speaker. She has been married to her husband Troy for over 20 years and is the mother of six boys. The Simons family makes their home in Los Ranchos, New Mexico and Western Colorado near Durango.

  • Justin Earley

    "Habits For The Glorious Vocation"

    Justin Earley is the author of the book The Common Rule, which is about a set of daily and weekly practices designed to form us in the love of God and neighbor. Justin is passionate about communicating the vision of living with purpose through carefully chosen habits. These daily habits include work and pray, eat, read and presence. The weekly habits include beauty and justice, rest, friendship, and fasting. Justin is also a merger and acquisitions lawyer who makes his home in Richmond, VA with his wife Lauren and four sons.

  • Dr. Simon Sheh

    "Pure at Heart: Raising Healthy Kids in a Sexualized World"

    Dr. Simon Sheh is a registered psychologist with a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Alberta. Dr. Sheh specializes in the treatment of sexual and pornography addiction, anger management, pain management, recovery from extra-marital affairs, relationship and marital therapy, and Christian counseling. He is the author of the book Pure at Heart and creator of the Pure at Heart Seminar Series on healthy living in a sexualized world. Dr. Sheh is a popular seminar, retreat and conference speaker who has conducted seminars all over the world. He has served in the positions of staff psychologist, service manager, and project manager at a major rehabilitation center in Edmonton. Dr. Sheh is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  • Dave Bondeson

    "The Intentionality of Parenting - Why the Hard Conversations Can't Wait"

    Dave Bondeson has been the Family Ministries Pastor at Woodlands church for five years. He is the writer and creator of Kids Crossing weekly ministry program. As the Family Ministries pastor, he has a vision of reaching children with the gospel and forming disciples. He has a passion for children and families to grow in the love and knowledge of Jesus. Dave is also the founder and leader of The Parent’s Summit and author of The Parent’s Summit blog. He is the creator of Unique, a parenting study which looks into who you are as a parent. He and his wife Heather have four children and make their home in Stevens Point.

  • Trillia Newbell

    "An Interview Regarding Race and the Family"

    Trillia Newbell is the author of four books, including God’s Very Good Idea, a children’s book which embraces the diversity of God’s family. Trillia writes on issues of faith, family and diversity. She has been published in The Gospel Coalition, Christianity Today, True Woman and more. She writes a blog and has spoken at numerous conferences, churches, women’s retreats, colleges, seminaries, including True Woman, The Gospel Coalition Women’s conference, Southeastern Theological Seminary, and more. She is currently the Director of Community Outreach for theEthics and Religious Liberty Commission for the Southern Baptist Convention. Trillia lives near Nashville, TN with her husband Thern and two children.

  • Troy Simons

    "Parenting as Discipleship, Raising Boys and Encouragement for Fathers"

    Troy Simons is a father to six boys and husband to author and speaker, Ruth Chou Simons. He has an abiding passion for God's Word and for discipling the next generation to live for Christ. After two decades of investing in full-time pastoral ministry, preaching, church-planting, co-founding a classical school, where he served as headmaster, Troy now works alongside Ruth in their ministry and business, serving as the COO of GraceLaced, Inc. Troy is an avid outdoorsman, philosopher, classical music enthusiast, word-nerd, and teacher. His first co-written book with Ruth is forthcoming in Sping 2020.

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At Hudson Presbyterian Church we value families and are passionate about equipping parents to raise their kids in a Gospel-centered way! The Parent Summit is hosted at Hudson Presbyterian Church, as a simulcast. The conference is held live at Woodlands Church in Plover, Wisconsin. For more information on the conference, please check out the Parents Summit Website!

The cost of the Parent Summit is only $5 per attendee! This just helps us cover the cost of materials you'll be receiving on the day of the conference. There's an additional $5 lunch option, as well. If you'd like to join us for lunch, just simply make sure you let us know on your Registration! 


Register by February 5th to ensure you receive Conference Attendee Packet! After that you may still register and attend, but booklets and materials may be limited. 

Final Attendance Registration deadline is February 21st!