Meet our Elders

The Elders are the spiritual leaders & overseers of the church. Our Church Session is made up of 12 elected elders and the Senior Pastor. Meet them here and find out what their specific roles are.

Tom Adams | Email

Properties & Nominating Committees

Mike Cook | Email

Properties & Stewardship Committees

George Harris | Email

Finance Committee & Treasurer

Alex Joseph | Email

Finance & Personnel Committees

Erin Creahan | Email

Fellowship & Nursery/Children Committees

Jamie Perry | Email

Children & Youth Ministry Committees

Clerk of Session

Fred Schwarz | Email

Finance Committee

Jo Wooldredge | Email

55+ Alive Ministry

Val Campbell I Email

Missions Committee

Chad Klemens I Email

Kelly Elliot I Email

Bill Homjak I Email

Meet our Deacons

The role of our Deacons is to help care for the needs of the church's people.